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Watergate Bay Wedding

Posted on 8th Jan 2016 | vicky
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When I was 20 years old (ooh about 11 years ago!) I used to work with Keria down at a surf school at Watergate Bay. I did all the surf photography and Keira was an instructor.

Now jump forward 12 years….

I met with Keira and her Fiancee Phil as they were on a little break in Cornwall.  Shortly after meeting with them I received a message asking if I could be their wedding photographer 🙂

It’s been lovely getting to know Phil and also spending time with them both.

Choosing the wedding venue was not difficult as Watergate holds many happy memories for Keira so they booked their wedding for the 5th December at The Watergate Bay Hotel.

Keira and her bridesmaids looked beautiful as they made their way down to the ceremony. Phils face beamed as he saw Keira walk down the aisle, and Bob, Keiras dad looked so proud.

After the ceremony everyone indulged in some very tasty canapés and then headed down to the beach…

Most of the guests made it down to the beach, laden with blankets and buckets full of beer and prosecco!

With the tide being high we didn’t have much beach to work with but still managed to get some lovely photos of them both.

The wedding breakfast was held in the hotel restaurant, Zarcys’s.

The room looked great, with a replica of Keiras surfboard as the table plan, ivy draping over the tables, flowers in bottles and chocolate table names.

After a scrumptious fish and chip dinner we nipped out to get a quick photo of the sunset.

The speeches were so funny and involved Phil getting covered in cardboard cut outs of budgies!

The evening reception was amazing, they had a great band which had everyone on the dancefloor the whole night.

We even managed to get back down on the beach for some sparkler shots!

Was an amazing day… you nailed it! Congrats guys!! xx

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