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Wedding Photography Testimonial – Carbis Bay Hotel

Posted on 29th May 2015 | vicky
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Hi Victoria

Thank you for being our photographer – although we knew that you would be the moment that we met.. 2 years previous!

For the past 4 days, since you sent over the photos, I think I have barely stopped looking through them all. I am mesmerised and will never tire of the amazing shots that you captured of our day. We are really going to struggle with picking our favourites for the album!

How you have managed to freeze frame the happiness and joy of the day within each photo that I find the most mesmerising and so precious. I usually hate photos of myself so you have performed a miracle to make me love every single photo that has me in it.. I can’t actually believe that is me!

I particularly love the photos of the parts of the day that I did not even know were occurring and our guests have said that they did not even notice you there to capture these moments. We were wondering why the archery set was broken? And when we saw the photo of my nephews using it as shield and swords – it all became clear and this made us laugh!

Thank you also for putting in your favourites on to your blog, which I shared with our friends. I have added some of their comments below, so that you can see how well your work has been received. I think that you underestimate your talent.

Will be in touch with our album selection in a few weeks time!

Thank you again.


· “I kept going through the pictures saying to myself, “Oh, that is so beautiful! Oh! Oh!” J
It looked like you had an absolutely perfect day.
Your colors and theme were perfect. LOVED the cake! Your photographer was REALLY good. She captured so many wonderful moments!!”
· “Those pictures turned out amazing. It’s going to be hard to slim down the selection for an album, unless you just choose them all!”

· “Wow, they are amazing, a real mix of active shots and stand still, some colour and black/white”

· “Simply stunning, to have captured the joy in every photo – your photographer is clearly top notch!”

· “WOW… I love them all, but the one of you with your head on Mark’s shoulder is THE best wedding photo I have ever seen. How did they do the magical ones at the end? They are amazing! Like being able to see the love that surrounds you both.. Stunning!”

· “These are like out of a bridal magazine!! SO Beautiful.. the hotel should use these on their website! Amazing photography skills on the sparkler shots and love the ones of you and Mark reading your letters and the little girls on the beach. The look on your face for the magician is classic! Oh I love them all!!!”

· “OMGosh absolutely beautiful.. the beach shots are stunning!! What a fabulous set of photos! You must be delighted with them all!!”

· “These are wonderful and absolutely beautiful! You must be so proud and thrilled, I have so many ideas now for my wedding photos!”

· “How amazing are those photos??!!! J J J ”

· “Photos are brilliant, even the ones in the dressing gown!”

· “Wow, all looks rather spectacular, great photos!
Get picking your favourites – I suspect that might take a while. So how many albums will you be ordering?”

· “Wow – she really captured the day! Love the pics of the kids on the beach….and your big wide smile all day J”

· “They are really lovely, you must be very pleased with how they all turned out! Thanks for sharing them! J”
· They are lovely photos – love the one with the selfie stick, it even matched the dresses!

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