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Join me to Swim with Whales in Tonga

Posted on 23rd Jul 2018 | vicky
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Alongside my love for wedding photography, I’m also mad about whales!

Underwater photography has always been a huge love of mine and I’ve spent many of my holidays following whale migrations around the globe.

After years of planning I am very excited to announce that I have now set up a new business, Ocean Whale Swims. I can take up to 7 guests per trip to swim/snorkel with humpback whales in the warm crystal clear waters of Tonga!

The trip is based out in the south pacific on a small island in Ha’apai which is a hot spot for humpback whales. Each year the humpbacks travel from the feeding grounds of Antarctica to Tonga to give birth and raise their young until they are strong enough for the 6000km journey back.

The next trip with spaces available is 1-9th Aug 2019.

Staying in beach front villas directly in front of the whales playground, you’ll most likely be watching the humpbacks breaching whilst eating your breakfast – This is before you’ve even stepped foot on the boat!

The trip is also designed for inspiring photographers that would like to learn more technical skills for both nature and underwater photography.

Diving qualifications are not needed for this trip as we’ll be just snorkelling. Snorkelling gear is provided for those who don’t have any or don’t want to travel with all their kit.

So if you are looking for something extraordinary to do for your honeymoon or holiday… head over to my shiny new Website

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